The Woman with the Issue of Blood

Chronicled in Matthew, Mark, and Luke

      This woman bled for twelve years. Twelve years! That’s 144 months, 624 weeks, 4383 days, or 105,192 hours of constant bleeding. When you take into account the Levitical statutes on uncleanness, especially a woman with an “issue of blood” (menstrual in nature), there are several things that can be deduced logically. She was not able to clean herself ceremoniously for twelve years, which meant:

1.      She could have no type of intimacy with a husband (assuming she had one)

2.      She could not perform the basic duties of wife or mother (i.e. cooking, cleaning, tending children, etc.)

3.      She must be isolated for the duration of her “uncleanness” (no contact with anyone)

4.      She could not worship in the synagogue


      Essentially, this woman was “dead” to the world for twelve straight years. Can you begin to imagine the shame and loneliness she must have felt? If she had a family, chances are they were long gone. She would have been physically weak, frail, and in pain from the sheer volume of blood loss over the years. She was financially strapped. The Bible says she spent all that she had on doctors and the problem only worsened over time. Who knows? It’s entirely possible that the death knell was close at hand.

      But this woman had heard of the miracles that Jesus had performed and knew that, if she could just reach Him, He would heal her forever. She had no doubt marveled at the stories of blinded eyes opened and lame legs strengthened. “I have to get to Him,” she thought, “ so I can be whole again.” She had her chance! The woman heard that Jesus was coming through town to go to Jairus’ house to heal his daughter.

      I’m sure there was a slight hesitation at first. “I’m an unclean woman. I can’t touch Him; then He would be unclean. Besides, women are not allowed to touch men in public anyway. How could I even approach Him?” Any doubt was quickly erased by her absolute desperation to be healed. It didn’t matter what she had to do, how many people she had to fight through, or what anyone thought of her. This woman was getting her healing!

      She said to herself, “If I could only touch His garment.” She didn’t need a long expository prayer. She didn’t need anointing oil. At the moment her hand grazed His robe, she was healed and whole. Jesus knew someone’s faith had made contact with Him. He called her out and had her confess her healing in front of everyone who had ostracized her for so long. Then Jesus honored her faith and sent her away in peace and health. He gave this woman her life back.

So, how do we triumph in the midst of trial? Be radical in your faith. Jesus can change your life with one touch.


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