I Can Do All Things

Philippians 4:13—I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

      That Scripture makes me want to conquer the world! I could end this devotion on the verse alone. There is so much potential power in that statement. All things. All things? Are you kidding me? I can do all things through Christ? You do know what “all” means, don’t you? Everything. Anything. It’s the whole shebang, the whole kit and caboodle, the whole ball of wax, and any other cliché you may want to throw in there. Whatever it is, this Scripture guarantees that I can do it.

     Now, pay attention to the verbiage there. It says, “I can,” not “I may.” So, here’s a little grammar lesson for you. “I can” refers to me having the ability to do something. “I may” refers to me having permission to do something. So, the Word says that Christ has granted us the strength to do all things. If He went that far, surely He has given us the permission to do all things as well.

    This is what I want you to get; I have the ability and God has given me permission. If “I can,” who’s in charge of the “I may?” Not God. He has already given His blessing through the power of Christ in our lives. The question is whether I have given myself permission to perform miracles. By saying that we can do all things, we stop short of doing them unless we say that are going to do all things. If we want this Scripture to manifest in our lives, we have to put our faith into action.

      I believe, beyond any doubt, that if we put some effort with the power God has given us, even everyday screw-ups like you and I will see miracles happen through our very fingertips!

Prayer for Today:


      I believe that You love me. I believe that You died for my sins. I believe that I am a child of God. Help me to believe that life-changing power is in me because of You. Help me to exercise faith for the impossible. Help me to be Your instrument. Help me to use the strength You gave me to do things no one believes I can do.


Daily Objective:

Give yourself permission to perform greater miracles than Christ Himself did. He said you can. Go for it!


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