His Yoke is Easy

Matthew 11:30—For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

      That sounds good, but what does it mean? Well, the literal reference is that of an ox and plowing. The yoke is the device that slips around the neck of said ox and is connected to the plow. The yoke has a twofold purpose. One, it allows the ox to be connected to the plow. Two, it allows the plowman to guide the ox through the field. The burden refers to the actual weight and physical stress on the shoulders of the ox, which is tremendous. So, there is our friend, the ox, plodding along through his miserable existence.

      It is safe to say that the life of an ox is arduous at best. The strenuous task of bearing a heavy load and pulling that load day in and day out (a constant struggle it would seem), must be excruciating. I can only imagine the pain and tension placed squarely on the broad shoulders of that unfortunate beast. We bear a heavy load when we allow life to saddle us with burden. The cares of the world often seem too much to bear. I have been there for sure.

      Jesus has taken the weight from us. He promises that the life He has for us will be much less tiresome than the one we have forged for ourselves. Is the Christian life altogether easy? No. Will there be some rocks in the field? Sure. But, the life of Christ is not like that of the poor ox. Jesus is no slave-driver, stretching us to point of exhaustion. For, in Christ, we find rest for our souls (Matthew 11:29). The saying goes that there is no rest for the weary. Well, Jesus says there is in Him. I choose to believe.

      Believe with me and even everyday screw-ups like you and I can find relief from the burden of life. We’ll find rest.

Prayer for Today:


      Life is hard. Sometimes, I feel like life is too hard. I make it that way. Help me to rest in You. Help me to abide in You and Your word. I thank You that Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light. I thank You that You have provided a better life. Help me to walk in it.


Daily Objective:

Put aside the hustle and bustle of today and take a break. Talk to Jesus. Rest.


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