Abundant Life

John10:10—The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they might have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

      We certainly know about that steal, kill, and destroy part. We have seen that far too often. The devil has surely run amok in more people’s lives than I care to count or admit. I long for the day when everyone wakes up and begins to walk in the life Jesus came to give. Jesus did not mince words: He came to give abundant life. Kingdom living is not meek, meager, or insubstantial. It is a life of overflow, dominion, authority, and blessing. That’s who God is. He is El Shaddai; He is the God of more than enough.

      The Lord longs to bless His people. The question is will we walk in faith enough to allow Him to? Look at how God chose to create. He made the heavens, earth, and everything on earth. When He made man, He gave us dominion over everything. To be given charge over an entire planet tells me that God intended for us to live abundantly. Unfortunately, Adam gave dominion to Satan in the Garden of Eden.

      Jesus came to earth to bleed and die just to give dominion back to man. We have it. It’s ours. Shouldn’t we begin to exercise it? I, for one, refuse to ask my bank account if I can sow into a ministry. I refuse to be subject to this world’s economy, which seems to be on life support these days. I refuse to live paycheck to paycheck, struggling to survive. We are royalty! We are called to live a standard better than the world’s. We are to be the lenders and not the borrowers. We’ve wasted too many years. Let’s walk in the abundant life we are meant for.

      The earth functions backwards of what was intended. It’s time that everyday screw-ups like you and I turn this thing around!

Prayer for Today:


      I believe You meant for me to live a life of more than enough. I believe You restored dominion to me. I thank You that I don’t have to live like a pauper. I know that I should be living like a prince. I thank You for helping me to see that I can profit the Kingdom much more by being who I was created to be. Help me to walk in abundance.


Daily Objective:

Abundant life starts with an abundant imagination. Dream big and watch the Lord make it happen.


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