Kingdom Heirs

Romans 8:16-18—The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together.

      When most people think of themselves as heirs to something, they wait patiently for someone to “kick over” before they receive their promised inheritance. With God, it is not so. You see, when we received the blood of Jesus, it saved our souls and gave us new life. Well, the blood of Jesus has done something else to us as well. It ushered us into the family of God. Just as Jesus Christ is the Son of God, we are now considered sons and daughters of the Most High.

      We quite literally share the same royal bloodline as Jesus Himself. As joint heirs with Christ, we are not only entitled to the eternal bliss that awaits us in Heaven, but also dominion, authority, and abundant living here on earth. Here’s the deal. As part of the family of God, our citizenship is in the Kingdom of Heaven. The dilemma for God is this: as long as God reigns in Heaven as King, His children—princes and princesses—cannot reign.

      Normally, that would be considered a problem. But, with God, nothing is impossible! So, God created earth and allows us to live here so we may reign. Our job is to set up the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Do you get what that means? Simply put, we don’t have to wait for a heavenly inheritance. The blessings of God are ours right here, right now!

      Even everyday screw-ups like you and I may enjoy the fruits of the Kingdom of Heaven today!

Prayer for Today:


      I thank You for shedding Your blood to cleanse me. I thank You that Your blood has made me a Kingdom heir, just like You. I thank You that I now have dominion and authority on the earth. I thank You that not only will I inherit Heaven, but I can bring Heaven to earth each day. Help me to live a life worthy of the title “child of God.”


Daily Objective:

Who’s your daddy? King’s kids are royalty. They conduct themselves as such. They are held to a higher standard because of their family name. Today, remember that God is your Father and conduct yourself in a way that honors His name.


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